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Quality discount down bed comforters

At the Down Factory Store, we offer the very best quality in down bed comforters!  We do this at the lowest prices possible, thanks to our direct relationship with our factory. Our goose down selection also includes a line of alternative down comforters. We also offer a featherbed topper for ultimate comfort. Our down filled blankets are a light weight  favorite and complement any bed. Why pay full price when you can order one of our  discount down pillows. Our Siberian goose down comforter is a sure way to experience a heavenly night sleep! We guarantee that when you peruse our inventory, you'll be glad you did.

When we began our business 40 + years ago, we found there was a need for really high quality goose down comforters at reasonable prices. The quality of our goose down comforters starts where most others leave off.

Keep in mind the higher the quality of the DOWN the longer it will last and the more comfort it will give you. All the down we use in our comforters has been treated to be hypoallergenic for those who are mildly sensitive, as well as being washed six times before being put into production.

Buying a down comforter can be a relatively simple matter. There are several things to keep in mind when making you selection. A very high thread count cover is not necessarily important, you may be paying for something you really don't need. Baffle box construction of the cover is very important. Lower quality comforters are usually heavier than high quality ones because it takes more inferior down to fill a comforter. Our high quality down gives you warmth without the weight because it takes up more volume per ounce. Asian down comes from geese that have been raised primarily for their meat and the down is merely a by product and quite inferior to the down we are accustomed to using.



The cover must always be a natural fiber such as 100% cotton, never a poly/cotton blend. Baffle box construction means that there is a mesh channel wherever you see the stitching separating the top from the bottom of the shell; this is done so the down can expand to its full capacity. Picture it as a room with a floor, walls and a ceiling containing down and keeping it in place. We never use sew through construction, where the top of the comforter is sewn directly to the bottom of the comforter. This construction is inexpensive, and does not allow the down to loft to its full capacity.


own comes from the chest of the goose, feathers come from the back or the bird. Down insulates and helps the goose stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Feathers keep the bird dry, also feathers have a quill and down does not. It is legal for a product to be labeled GOOSE DOWN and contain as much as 30% feathers. Their are suppliers that take advantage of this situation and add feathers to their down products. We NEVER add any feathers to our down products. Down is machine washable, any items containing feathers is no longer washable. Feathers repel water and that is why they keep the goose dry. Down is merely a fluff, and does not contain a quill, it is similar to a cotton ball. When buying a down product, put one hand under the item, and one on top and rub it between both hands; you should not feel any quills or sharp little items inside the product.